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MAPNA Hosts President Hassan Rouhani
On Sunday morning, 1 May, MAPNA Group hosted Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani in its factories on the occasion of the International Workers’ Day. Rouhani attended PARS, MAPNA’s generator engineering and manufacturing factory located in Karaj, west of Tehran, on Sunday morning, along with ministers of labor, power and industry. The president praised MAPNA for its knowledge-based approach and competitive mentality, calling for other Iranian businesses to follow suit. “Today, if we are proud of MAPNA, its workers, engineers, and managers, it’s because of … its knowledge-based activities,” Rouhani said. “If MAPNA has turned into our national symbol of pride, that’s because it has entered a global competition.” “We want other corporations to have the same capability,” Rouhani added. The president also pointed to MAPNA’s achievements in power and rail transportation sectors. “We take pride in power plants constructed by Iranian workers and MAPNA,” he said. “We enjoy traveling by trains whose locomotives are manufactured by MAPNA and Iranian workers.” Iran’s president also asked the group to speed up its new business line of medical solutions. “In near future, CT Scan and MRI equipment of our hospitals [should be] produced by Iranian workers and engineers,” he said. Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ali Rabiei also addressed the audience, workers from MAPNA and other industrial facilities across the country. Rabiei thanked the president for his support of tripartism in labor affairs, while reminding of the necessity to improve the state of employment, production and welfare among the working class. Selected workers from across the country, including a member of MAPNA Boiler Engineering and Manufacturing Company, also received awards from the president for their professional achievements and innovations.
Date: 1395/02/22
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