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 A Short History

Established in 1998 in line with policies adopted to upgrade the domestic technical knowledge and industrial capabilities, and aimed to transfer the technology of manufacturing various types of generators for thermal power plants (up to 160 MW), hydro power plants (up to 250 MW) as well as bus-ducts for power plants, MAPNA Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (PARS) began its work.
Developments in this company may be divided into three periods as follows:
1-    The excellence of employing water resources in Karoon River to generate electricity:
During 1990’s and simultaneous with making plans to employ this excellence as well as beginning of large-scale plans to develop hydro-electric power plants, our Company began its work by manufacturing generators for hydro-electric power plants based on the contracts concluded with Eline Co. (Austria), Siemens (Germany), General Electric (Canada), and Alstom (Switzerland). In this period, generators (with a total capacity of approximately 7399 MW) were manufactured for hydro-electric power plants of the projects “Karoon Development 1”, “Masjed Soleiman”, “Karkheh”, “Karoon 3”, “Karoon 4”, and “Gotvand”.
2-    Excellence of employing Gas to generate electricity:
Lately in 1990’s, in order to make maximum uses of the domestic rich gas resources to generate electricity, development of domestic gas power plants was planned. For this purpose, contracts of licensing and technology transfer for manufacturing thermo-electric power plants (with capacities from 100 to 400 MVA) were concluded with Ansaldo (Italy) and Siemens (Germany). This began with a project to build 30 gas power plants and then continued with 22 combined cycle power plants. As for generators for thermal units, by the end of 2011, our company manufactured 148 generators (TY10546) for gas power plants and 38 generators (TLRI 115/41) for combined cycle ones. During recent years, our Company has increased its production capacity and, in addition to manufacturing all power plant generators required domestically, our Company has exported thermal generators to Al-Sadr Power Station (Iraq), Teshrin and Jandar power stations (Syria) and tried to implement the strategy of expansion of the market laid by Mapna Co.
3-    Relative fulfilment of domestic electrical demands:
After the first two periods and relative fulfilment of domestic demands for electricity and based on the strategy of uneven development of products of Mapna Co., PARS adopted development of its products basket as one of its main goals and, in this concern, it concluded the contract of technology transfer for 25 MW industrial generator with Jeomount (France) in 2009. Also, negotiations are being made concerning transfer of technology, reverse engineering, and designing a spectrum of new products such as steam generator 325 MW, traction motor, wind generator, electromotor….  
PARS has adopted building capabilities in designing generators as well as other rotary electrical machines as a part of its own prospect and, in this regard, it has chosen designing national generators with a capacity of up to 45 MW as one of its key projects and has begun to work on this project since 2009. In this concern, the project of increasing the power of generators type TY10546 from 160 MW to 173 MW was implemented successfully in 2011.
Having employed abilities of its professional human force, while establishing Integrated Management System ((ISO9001:2008), ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS18000:2007 supervised by SGS) as well as implementing up-to-date managerial systems, PARS is trying to come to conformity with the global standards in the industry of manufacturing power plant generators.
To attain sustainable development, having established Strategic Management System which is periodically revised, our Company has tried to not only maintain its place in this industry but also to enter new markets.
To consolidate its information and operational infrastructures, PARS managed to establish the Enterprise Resource Planning System by using (SAP) software. From among other systems which have been established and implemented to realize the Company’s strategies, mention may be made to the System of Proposals and 5S System, Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001, Energy Management based on ISO50001, and Welding Management based on ISO 3834.

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