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Playing an effective role in the electrical energy industry for economic and social development and people welfare.
•    Prospect in the Horizon of 2021
By the year 2021, we will be a Reference and Empowered Manufacturing Company in Designing of Electric Rotary Machines and Wind Turbines in the country with an Effective Presence in International target Markets ( Neighboring Countries, Middle East and North Africa )
•    Organizational values
Customer (Focusing on the Customer, Listening, Communications, Partnership)
Innovative (Being Pioneer, New Ideas, Learning )
Organizational Excellence (Organizational Excellence, Pragmatism: Improvement, Initiative, Pragmatism, Performance )
Safety (Safety and Friendship with Environment, Socialism, Active Participation, Durability, Helping the Community )
Responsibility ( Team work, Responsibility, The Spirit of Sharing Knowledge: Avoidance of Individualism, Synergy, the Spirit of Team work, Accountability, Sharing Knowledge)
Business Ethics ( Commitment, Honesty, Trust )

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