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 Power Plant Services

​Power Plant Services
Relying on Experienced and capable human resources as well as complicated and advanced equipment and machinery, Mapna Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (PARS) provides the following Power Plant Services:
• Technical and engineering services for all products from installation to operation;
• Overhaul and case repairs for power plant generators;
• Consulting about designing, manufacturing, and purchasing electrical machines and accessories;
• Electrical tests for power plant generators and bus-ducts and other relevant equipment;
• Optimizing and upgrading power plant units and equipping them with equipment such as online/partial discharge offline;
• Professional trainings for power plants users;
• Supervision services for installation and commissioning;
• Manufacturing and supplying spare parts for various kinds of power plant and industrial generators and bus-ducts;
• Designing and manufacturing various kinds of metal structures;
• Designing and manufacturing various kinds of busbars for thermal and hydro generators
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