Third Steam Unit of Parand Power Plant Synchronized to the Grid

At 04:24 PM on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, MAPNA Group technicians synchronized the third steam unit of Parand combined cycle power plant to the national electricity grid.

This was the last step in development of Parand Combined Cycle Power Plant’s steam portion, a project carried out under a buyback contract with Thermal Power Plants Holding Company.

Parand Combined Cycle Power Plant comprises of six gas-fired units running on V94.2 turbines, of which three have been upgraded to MAP2B turbine, MAPNA Group’s homegrown turbine which holds a higher efficiency rate.

With addition of three steam units each with a capacity of 160 MWs, Parand now functions as a combined cycle power plant with an increased efficiency rate of approximately 50 percent (53 percent for MAP2B power blocks), without any extra fuel consumption or hazardous emissions and a nominal capacity of 1500 MWs.¬

The scope of the conversion project included installation of three E-type steam turbines and generators with a nominal capacity of 160 MWs, six HRSGs, ACC cooling system, BOP (balance of plant) and a 400-kV generator station.

MAPCS, MAPNA Group’s locally manufactured distributed control system by MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company, is also installed in steam unit III, running along Siemens control systems active in units I and II.

Development of MAPCS was the company’s response to the shifting climate in the power plant industry including technological advances, increasing demand for domestic equipment, rising cyber threats, and the need for smart process automation.

The control system can be employed in a wide range of industrial complexes, from power plants to oil & gas sector and transportation systems.

MAPEX, a steam turbine excitation system also developed by MAPNA Electric & Control Engineering & Manufacturing Company (MECO), is also installed in Parand Combined Cycle Power Plant for the first time.

The sewage treatment complex of Parand country, a semi-arid region southwest of Tehran, will supply the water demand for the steam portion,

The power plant is expected to play a critical role in supplying Tehran’s power demand during the peak season.

The first steam unit of the power plant was synchronized to the grid on November 8, 2016. The second unit was linked to the electricity network on August 22, 2018.

Steam Portion Development Project

Parand Power Plant is owned by MAPNA Parand Power Generation Company. A consortium comprising of MAPNA Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-1) and MAPNA Combined Power Plants Construction & Development Company (MD-2) have constructed the power plant.